MapMyWalk ;o)

MapMyWalk ;o)
MapMyWalk ;o) (from Isengard to Minas Tirith)

Monday, December 26, 2016

December 20th to 25th

December 20th:
8719 steps
3.4 miles

December 21st:
9346 steps
3.7 miles

December 22nd:
6229 steps
2.4 miles

December 23rd:
2778 steps
1.1 miles

December 24th:
2420 steps
0.9 mile

December 25th:
1879 steps
0.7 mile

TOTAL=  463.8 / 462 miles

The elves lit their lanterns and we began to walk in the starlight.  And then... we made it to Lothlórien!!  

I did it!  From Hobbiton to Lothlórien in under a year!  (Of course, the hobbits did it in under four months, including breaks, but I'm slightly less motivated than they were.  Having the fate of the known world resting on your shoulders puts a little more pep in your step, surely!)

Now that I'm here, I'm not sure what the plan is for next year.  I could continue on the path... The Fellowship breaks up into smaller groups, and I could follow along to either Isengard or Mt. Doom (484 or 470 miles).  

I'm not sure how much value the Middle-Earth comparison adds, at this point.  I've pretty much just walked when I felt like it.  I haven't really pushed myself consistently-- but "mapping" the miles does give some type of goal, and in theory, that can be helpful to keep you moving.  On the one hand, maybe I ought to set slightly more demanding "mini-goals" for myself; on the other, if I make it too taxing, I'll be more tempted to stop.  

I'll probably set Isengard as my next goal and just keep doing what I've been doing, for now. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 15th to 19th

December 15th:
3909 steps
1.6 miles

December 16th:
10563 steps
4.2 miles

December 17th:
3328 steps
1.3 miles

December 18th:
1694 steps
0.6 mile

December 19th:
9277 steps
3.7 miles

TOTAL=  451.6 / 462 miles

Met an elf-company, had blindfolds removed, and climbed to the top of the hill of Cerin Amroth.  Admired the views and rested for a couple of hours.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 9th to 14th

December 9th:
10263 steps
4.0 miles

December 10th:
2816 steps
1.1 miles

December 11th:
3637 steps
1.4 miles

December 12th:
4135 steps
1.6 miles

December 13th:
3716 steps
1.4 miles

December 14th:
9651 steps
3.8 miles

TOTAL=  440.2 / 462 miles

Camped (still blindfolded) and now continuing on the path...

Friday, December 9, 2016

December 4th to 8th

Just over 35 miles to go!   I need to walk just a bit over 1.5 miles a day (on average) to reach my goal.

December 4th:
8236 steps
3.2 miles

December 5th:
13146 steps
5.2 miles

December 6th:
9375 steps
3.7 miles

December 7th:
3667 steps
1.4 miles

December 8th:
4348 steps
1.7 miles

TOTAL= 426.9 / 462 miles

Passed through an open glade... (Getting closer now!)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 28th to December 3rd

After adding in this post's tally, I have just over fifty miles to walk, if I want to reach Lothlórien by the end of the year.  That will require about 1.8 miles per day, on average.

November 28th:
13587 steps
5.3 miles

November 29th:
9586 steps
3.8 miles

November 30th:
3524 steps
1.4 miles

December 1st:
11520 steps
4.5 miles

December 2nd:
3219 steps
1.2 miles

December 3rd:
3146 steps
1.2 miles

TOTAL= 411.7 / 462 miles

Entered the woods of Lothlórien and were met by elves.  Crossed the Silverlode river.  Now blindfolded and being led by the elves...

Monday, November 28, 2016

November 22nd to 27th

November 22nd:
4297 steps
1.7 miles

November 23rd:
3110 steps
1.2 miles

November 24th:
3452 steps
1.4 miles

November 25th:
5090 steps
2.0 miles

November 26th:
3970 steps
1.6 miles

November 27th:
2851 steps
1.1 miles

TOTAL=  394.3 / 462 miles

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 16th to 21st

November 16th:
4898 steps
1.9 miles

November 17th:
10570 steps
4.2 miles

November 18th:
10441 steps
4.1 miles

November 19th:
6275 steps
2.5 miles

November 20th:
9408 steps
3.7 miles

November 21st:
5987 steps
2.4 miles

TOTAL= 385.3 / 462 miles

Entered the Chamber of Records.  Found Balin's Tomb and were attacked by orcs and a cave troll! (!!!) Escaped the chamber, but were followed by the orcs.  As if there weren't enough, were then attacked by a balrog.  To make a long story short, balrog and Gandalf fell into Durin's Deep.  *teardrop*  Now finally outside Moria again, but minus one member of the party...

(What an eventful update!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 9th to 15th

I've been doing more gardening than walking lately.  Good for the garden, bad for my step-counts!  Still, less than a hundred miles to get to my destination!  I should be able to get there before the end of the year, at least.

November 9th:
9847 steps
3.9 miles

November 10th:
4681 steps
1.8 miles

November 11th:
2481 steps
0.9 mile

November 12th:
4494 steps
1.7 miles

November 13th:
3235 steps
1.2 miles

November 14th:
5000 steps
2 miles

November 15th:
5029 steps
2 miles

TOTAL= 366.5 / 462 miles

Camped in the Guardroom, now on a climbing, curving road with no side passages.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 2nd to 8th

November 2nd:
9960 steps
3.9 miles

November 3rd:
11026 steps
4.3 miles

November 4th:
4333 steps
1.7 miles

November 5th:
2176 steps
0.8 mile

November 6th:
2193 steps
0.9 mile

November 7th:
11406 steps
4.5 miles

November 8th:
10976 steps
4.3 miles

TOTAL= 353 / 462 miles

Reached the Doors of Moria!  While seeking password, attacked by the Watcher in the Water (eek!), but made it inside.  Not easy going, though, with fissures to jump.  Just jumped a 7-foot fissure, as a matter of fact.  Kind of annoying, tbh...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 28th to November 1st

October 28th:
9908 steps
3.9 miles

October 29th:
2110 steps
0.8 mile

October 30th:
3239 steps
1.2 miles

October 31st:
10569 steps
4.2 miles

November 1st:
3375 steps
1.3 miles

TOTAL= 332.6 / 462 miles

Reached the Sirannon (which was dry).  Heading east on a rough winding path in a trough along the stream.

Friday, October 28, 2016

October 22nd to 27th

October 22nd:
5852 steps
2.3 miles

October 23rd:
2225 steps
0.9 mile

October 24th:
10382 steps
4.1 miles

October 25th:
3947 steps
1.6 miles

October 26th:
8126 steps
3.2 miles

October 27th:
4159 steps
1.6 miles

TOTAL= 321.2 / 462 miles

Heading toward the Sirannon.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 15th to 21st

October 15th:
3090  steps
1.2 miles

October 16th:
2261 steps
0.9 mile

October 17th:
2978 steps
1.2 miles

October 18th:
2721 steps
1.1 miles

October 19th:
7466 steps
2.9 miles

October 20th:
3459 steps
1.4 miles

October 21st:
5600 steps
2.2 miles

TOTAL= 307.5 / 462 miles

Less than a third of the way to go!  Lothlorien, here we come!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

October 10th to 14th

October 10th:
10393 steps
4.1 miles

October 11th:
9806 steps
3.9 miles

October 12th:
10489 steps
4.2 miles

October 13th:
13103 steps
5.2 miles

October 14th:
2410 steps
0.9 mile

TOTAL= 296.6 / 462 miles

We reached Redhorn Pass, could go no further, turned back, and are going back down the mountain...

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 5th to 9th

October 5th:
2445 steps
0.9 mile

October 6th:
8271 steps
3.2 miles

October 7th:
11838 steps
4.7 miles

October 8th:
8513 steps
3.4 miles

October 9th:
2554 steps
1.0 mile

TOTAL= 278.3 / 462 miles

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September 30th to October 4th

Yes, October 4th's numbers, below, are correct.  That is by far the most I've walked in a single day, since I started keeping track with the pedometer.  I should do that more often!

September 30th:
10604 steps
4.2 miles

October 1st:
1934 steps
0.7 mile

October 2nd:
8481 steps
3.4 miles

October 3rd:
11067 steps
4.3 miles

October 4th:
20031 steps
7.9 miles

TOTAL= 265.1 / 462 miles

Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 24th to 28th

September 24th:
1569 steps
0.6 mile

September 25th:
1115 steps
0.4 mile

September 26th:
10930 steps
4.3 miles

September 27th:
10480 steps
4.2 miles

September 28th:
9568 steps
3.8 miles

TOTAL= 244.6 / 462 miles

Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 17th to 23rd

September 17th:
3406 steps
1.3 miles

September 18th:
1742 steps
0.7 mile

September 19th:
10133 steps
4.0 miles

September 20th:
9326 steps
3.7 miles

September 21st:
8470 steps
3.4 miles

September 22nd:
8604 steps
3.4 miles

September 23rd:
3255 steps
1.2 mile

TOTAL= 231.3 / 462 miles

Can see Mountains of Moria in the distance... Climbing up north side of Hollin Ridge.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 12th to 16th

September 12th:
9886 steps
3.9 miles

September 13th:
8890 steps
3.5 miles

September 14th:
10330 steps
4.1 miles

September 15th:
9066 steps
3.6 miles

September 16th:
4704 steps
1.9 miles

TOTAL= 213.6 / 462 miles

Monday, September 12, 2016

September 5th to 11th

September 5th:
8176 steps
3.2 miles

September 6th:
9502 steps
3.7 miles

September 7th:
7941 steps
3.1 miles

September 8th:
8344 steps
3.3 miles

September 9th:
8068 steps
3.2 miles

September 10th:
1784 steps
0.7 mile

September 11th:
1613 steps
0.6 mile

TOTAL= 196.6 / 462 miles

Monday, September 5, 2016

August 30th - September 4th

August 30th:
5229 steps
2.0 miles
1.2 miles on treadmill (forgot the pedometer, so not reflected in step-count)

August 31st:
4489 steps
1.7 miles

September 1st:
6133 steps
2.4 miles

September 2nd:
2068 steps
0.8 mile

September 3rd:
7747 steps
3.0 miles

September 4th:
1854 steps
0.7 mile

TOTAL= 178.8 / 462 miles

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 22nd to 29th

Life got in the way and distracted me, and I forgot that it was time to record my step-counts, so I've lost a day.  I think I was walking on the treadmill every day, during that period, so it was probably at least a 7000-step day, but rather than guesstimate, we'll count it as a lost day and I'll just make up those miles later on in the year.  I must've been walking in circles in some woods, or something.  ;o)

August 22nd:
???? steps
? miles

August 23rd:
8912 steps
3.5 miles

August 24th:
8564 steps
3.4 miles

August 25th:
8712 steps
3.4 miles

August 26th:
8860 steps
3.5 miles

August 27th:
8310 steps
3.3 miles

August 28th:
9245 steps
3.7 miles

August 29th:
4761 steps
1.9 miles

TOTAL= 167 / 462 miles

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 15th to 21st

August 15th:
10360 steps
4.1 miles

August 16th:
10305 steps
4.0 miles

August 17th:
9379 steps
3.7 miles

August 18th:
8736 steps
3.4 miles

August 19th:
3047 steps
1.2 miles

August 20th:
8036 steps
3.2 miles

August 21st:
7061 steps
2.8 miles

TOTAL= 144.3 / 462 miles

Hiking, camping.  Hiking, camping.  It's our routine, now.  Also, I hope you like "cold, gray, and windy", 'cause that's all they've got around here, weather-wise.  (I would gladly visit "cold, gray, and windy" for a day or two, after months of "hot and humid". ...I wouldn't be so glad about having to camp out in the cold, though.)

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 10th to 14th

August 10th:
2599 steps
1.0 mile

August 11th:
9564 steps
3.8 miles

August 12th:
8703 steps
3.4 miles

August 13th:
7874 steps
3.1 miles

August 14th:
1566 steps
0.6 mile

TOTAL= 121.9 / 462 miles

Another snowcapped peak lies to the east.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 4th to 9th

August 4th:
12126 steps
4.8 miles

August 5th:
2774 steps
1.1 miles

August 6th:
8413 steps
3.3 miles walked
1.5 miles biked

August 7th:
8627 steps
3.4 miles

August 8th:
9771 steps
3.9 miles

August 9th:
8630 steps
3.4 miles

TOTAL= 110 / 462 miles

We've crossed a small stream.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July 28th to August 3rd

July 28th:
1897 steps
0.7 mile

July 29th:
2818 steps
1.1 miles

July 30th:
2094 steps
0.8 mile

July 31st:
1765 steps
0.7 mile

August 1st:
8122 steps
3.2 miles

August 2nd:
9119 steps
3.6 miles

August 3rd:
8912 steps
3.5 miles

TOTAL= 88.6 / 462 miles

After camping in a thicken of thorn bushes (ouch), we reached the crest of another low mountain spur and turned southwest as we descended.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 22nd to 27th

July 22nd:
3214 steps
1.2 miles

July 23rd:
2500 steps
1.0 mile

July 24th:
2929 steps
1.1 miles

July 25th:
3445 steps
1.4 miles

July 26th:
2039 steps
0.8 mile

July 27th:
8224 steps
3.2 miles

TOTAL= 75 / 462 miles

After reaching the top of a rise, we headed southeast...

Friday, July 22, 2016

July 17th to 21st

July 17th:
7841 steps
3.1 miles

July 18th:
9482 steps
3.7 miles

July 19th:
8729 steps
3.4 miles

July 20th:
4907 steps
1.9 miles

July 21st:
9038 steps
3.5 miles

TOTAL= 66.3 / 462 miles

Reached a small stream and followed it west for a while before veering off again...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 11th to 16th

July 11th:
9038 steps
3.5 miles

July 12th:
9320 steps
3.7 miles

July 13th:
2330 steps
0.9 mile

July 14th:
9643 steps
3.8 miles

July 15th:
1973 steps
0.7 mile

July 16th:
1977 steps
0.7 mile

TOTAL= 50.7 / 462 miles

Crested the top of a hill, with a snow-capped peak to the east.

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 3rd through 10th

*sigh* I waited one day too long to log my steps, this time!  My pedometer only remembers 7 days, so July 3rd's record was wiped clean to make room for today's tally... Oh well.  It was probably a 9000-step day, too, right? ;o)  I guess I'll just have to make up those "lost" steps in days to come!  (Of course, even if those steps don't count toward my journey, my legs  and heart still got the benefit of them.)

July 3rd:
??? steps
? miles

July 4th:
7753 steps
3.0 miles

July 5th:
4119 steps
1.6 miles

July 6th:
7826 steps
3.1 miles

July 7th:
9175 steps
3.6 miles

July 8th:
9476 steps
3.7 miles

July 9th:
2523 steps
1.0 mile

July 10th:
1446 steps
0.6 mile

TOTAL= 37.4 / 462 miles

Camping in a hollow during the day.  (Sounds nice.  I could use a nap...)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

June 27th to July 2nd

June 27th:
3255 steps
1.2 miles

June 28th:
8728 steps
3.4 miles

June 29th:
9422 steps
3.7 miles

June 30th:
9271 steps
3.7 miles

July 1st:
2347 steps
0.9 mile

July 2nd:
2914 steps
1.1 miles

TOTAL= 20.8 / 462 miles

Reached the Brúinen; turned south.

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 21st to 26th

June 21st:
5682 steps
2.2 miles

June 22nd:
4054 steps
1.6 miles

June 23rd:
6935 steps
2.7 miles

June 24th:
9656 steps
3.8 miles

June 25th:
1573 steps
0.6 mile

June 26th:
1348 steps
0.5 mile

TOTAL= 464.8 / 458 miles

We made it to Rivendell!  ~streamers and balloons~

I guess I'll continue on to Lothlorien, next, with the modest goal of getting there by the end of the year.  It's roughly the same distance from Rivendell to Lothlorien as it is from Hobbiton to Rivendell.
So... Let's start the counter over again!  I'll take my "leftover" miles (surplus above 458) and apply them to the new journey.

From Rivendell to Lothlorien:

TOTAL= 6.8 / 462 miles

We've climbed out of the valley onto the moors.  Now that we're the Fellowship of the Ring, there are new people to talk to and new stories to swap.  ;o)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 15th to 20th

I've been putting most of my "daily exertion" focus on gardening, again, and haven't used the stationary bike to make up some easy miles, but since my goal was reaching Rivendell by July 1st, and there's no way that isn't happening, now (unless I lose the ability to walk altogether), I've just been coasting... I still haven't decided what the next goal will be.

June 15th:
8477 steps
3.4 miles

June 16th:
2968 steps
1.1 miles

June 17th:
3238 steps
1.2 miles

June 18th:
3619 steps
1.4 miles

June 19th:
1803 steps
0.7 mile

June 20th:
6969 steps
2.7 miles

TOTAL= 453.4 / 458 miles

We are in the very midst of our dramatic arrival at the environs of Rivendell!  Less than five miles to go!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 10th to 14th

June 10th:
8087 steps
3.2 miles walked
1.5 miles biked (indoors)

June 11th:
2250 steps
0.9 mile

June 12th:
2057 steps
0.8 mile

June 13th:
10097 steps
4.0 miles

June 14th:
2354 steps
0.9 mile

TOTAL= 442.9 / 458 miles

Friday, June 10, 2016

June 8th and 9th

June 8th:
3036 steps
1.2 miles walked
3 miles biked (indoors)

June 9th:
4243 steps
1.7 miles walked
3 miles biked (indoors)

TOTAL= 431.6 / 458 miles

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 6th and 7th

June 6th:
10221 steps
4.0 miles

June 7th:
2984 steps
1.2 miles walked
2.5 miles biked (indoors)

TOTAL= 422.7 / 458 miles

Marched all night and camped next to the road at dawn.

Just over 35 miles left to walk (and/or bike).  Unless something totally unforeseen happens to throw me off my pace, I should make it to Rivendell well before the end of the month.  Time to start thinking about what the next goal will be...

Setting myself a specific monthly goal has really helped focus me on at least sitting on the bike for 2 miles a day.  Biking two miles (indoors) isn't much, but it's still more than I had been doing, since gardening chores started taking more time and energy.  Maybe monthly goals is the way to go-- or a bigger goal broken into monthly "mini-goals".

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 4th and 5th

June 4th:
3212 steps
1.2 miles walked
2 miles biked (indoors)

June 5th:
2293 steps
0.9 mile walked
3 miles biked (indoors)

TOTAL= 415 / 458 miles

Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 1st to 3rd

June 1st:
3521 steps
1.4 miles

June 2nd:
5052 steps
2.0 miles

June 3rd:
8213 steps
3.2 miles

TOTAL= 407.9 / 458 miles

While looking for a place to camp, we heard a horse; it turned out to be Glorfindel.  (I had no idea who Glorfindel was, so it was kind of awkward...  Apparently he's an elf.  Yes, it has been many years since I read the books.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 25th to 31st

Whoa, my numbers really plummeted this week!  There's also a lot to do outside, so I may not get on the treadmill as often as I should for a while to come... At least yardwork is its own form of exercise.

May 25th:
8439 steps
3.4 miles

May 26th:
3019 steps
1.2 miles

May 27th:
2070 steps
0.8 mile

May 28th:
2232 steps
0.9 mile

May 29th:
2633 steps
1.0 mile

May 30th:
1909 steps
0.7 mile

May 31st:
2591 steps
1.0 mile

TOTAL= 401.3 / 458 miles

We had an encounter with some Stone Trolls, but are now happily back on the road again.

- - - - - - -

Well, even with my abysmal numbers, there's another milestone reached-- over four hundred miles since I started tracking my steps with the pedometer.

I've already started thinking about what I want to do when I finally arrive in Rivendell.  What should my next goal be?  Maybe more of a time-oriented goal... Something to get me walking more each week than I have, the first half of the year.

July 1st is the halfway point of the year (if I'm not mistaken).  I could make it my goal to reach Rivendell by that date.  It should be do-able, if I make a point of walking (and/or cycling) on a more frequent basis.  Just about two miles a day, on average.  I can do that, surely!  I'll at least give it a try.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 19th to 24th

May 19th:
9248 steps
3.7 miles

May 20th:
8561 steps
3.4 miles

May 21st:
2452 steps
0.9 mile

May 22nd:
2374 steps
0.9 mile

May 23rd:
4619 steps
1.8 miles

May 24th:
3295 steps
1.3 miles

TOTAL= 392.3 / 458 miles

Found a Troll-hole, y'all!  (Probably best to stay alert after that.  Hope we packed our Troll spray...)  Now on a level path through the woods.  (Now that sounds like my kind of hiking.)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 14th to 18th

Oops!  I forgot once again to put on the pedometer, so I don't know how much I walked on the 15th of May.  I seem to recall thinking that it wasn't a huge loss of steps, as I had been fairly sedentary that day, so I'll make an extremely conservative estimate and give myself credit for half a mile.  I must have walked at least that much in a whole day, right?

May 14th:
2712 steps
1.1 miles

May 15th:
??? steps
about 0.5 mile

May 16th:
9877 steps
3.9 miles

May 17th:
3924 steps
1.6 miles

May 18th:
8082 steps
3.2 miles

TOTAL= 380.3 / 458 miles

The hills are getting higher and steeper.  We've been forced north, out of our way, and have camped on a stony shelf by a shallow cave (in the rain).

(According to the info on the Eowyn's Walk site, it's mid-October, by the time the hobbits get to this point in their journey.  I am so jealous.  Here in Modern-Earth, it's May and already getting too hot and humid for my liking.  Thus the treadmill.)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 8th to 13th

Oof.  My step-counts for the past several days are abysmal, but I have been active.  Unfortunately, gardening and housework don't add up to many counted steps.  Still, I ought to make an effort to get on the treadmill more often...

May 8th:
2058 steps
0.8 mile

May 9th:
3902 steps
1.5 miles

May 10th:
5617 steps
2.2 miles

May 11th:
2116 steps
0.8 mile

May 12th:
3984 steps
1.6 miles

May 13th:
3584 steps
1.4 miles

TOTAL= 370 / 458 miles

The hills have quickly shut us in, making difficult going.  More climbing... (Phew.  I hope it's not as hot and humid in Middle-Earth as it is in southern Alabama!)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 3rd to May 7th

May 3rd:
8648 steps
3.4 miles

May 4th:
5496 steps
2.2 miles

May 5th:
8626 steps
3.4 miles

May 6th:
4229 steps
1.7 miles

May 7th:
4705 steps
1.9 miles

TOTAL= 361.7 / 458 miles

We returned to the Great East Road, crossed River Hoarwell/Mitheithel, turned north from the road, and entered the steep lands of Trollshaws (complete with ruined walls and frowning towers).

(Everything seems to have happened all at once!  Were less than a hundred miles from our destination!  Even so, it seems amazing that we're still so far from Rivendell.  The movie must really condense this part of the story, and it's been so long since I read the book that I don't remember much of the parts not in the movie.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April 25th to May 2nd

There continues to be a tug of war between gardening and walking.  It's not likely that I'll be doing both on the same day, and those times that I work in the yard, I'm just not going to get big step-counts.  That's okay-- both are a form of exercise, surely...

April 25th:
10460 steps
4.1 miles

April 26th:
4284 steps
1.7 miles

April 27th:
11218 steps
4.4 miles

April 28th:
2588 steps
1.0 mile

April 29th:
5511 steps
2.2 miles

April 30th:
4241 steps
1.7 miles

May 1st:
8478 steps
3.4 miles

May 2nd:
3647 steps
1.4 miles

TOTAL= 349.1 / 458 miles

The land is finally starting to rise in this endless valley!!  We can see a "huddle of hills" ahead...

Monday, April 25, 2016

April 18th to 24th

April 18th:
9485 steps
3.7 miles

April 19th:
4433 steps
1.7 miles

April 20th:
4513 steps
1.7 miles

April 21st:
8840 steps
3.5 miles

April 22nd:
9028 steps
3.5 miles

April 23rd:
4010 steps
1.6 miles walked
2 miles biked (recumbent stationary)

April 24th:
2197 steps
0.9 mile

TOTAL= 329.2 / 458 miles

Continuing in the valley.  (This is the valley that never ends!)

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 13th to 17th

April 13th:
9839 steps
3.9 miles

April 14th:
8646 steps
3.4 miles

April 15th:
3840 steps
1.5 miles

April 16th:
4940 steps
1.9 miles

April 17th:
1709 steps
0.6 mile

TOTAL= 310.6 / 458 miles

I'm more than two-thirds of the way to Rivendell, despite conflicts of interest (i.e. gardening), several sick days, and some good old-fashioned laziness.  ;o)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 7th to 12th

April 7th
8229 steps
3.2 miles

April 8th
3841 steps
1.5 miles

April 9th
5641 steps
2.2 miles

April 10th
3229 steps
1.2 miles

April 11th
10209 steps
4.0 miles

April 12th
9017 steps
3.5 miles

TOTAL=  299.3 / 458 miles

Camping.  Following a wide, shallow, curving valley.   (I'm getting close to the two-thirds mark!!)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 1st to 6th

Took longer to get over the cold than expected, and I've been doing more gardening than walking, still.

April 1st:
2263 steps
0.9 mile

April 2nd:
2480 steps
0.9 mile

April 3rd:
2633 steps
1.0 mile

April 4th:
3039 steps
1.2 miles

April 5th:
4196 steps
1.6 miles

April 6th:
5161 steps
2.0 miles

TOTAL=  283.7 / 458 miles

Friday, April 1, 2016

March 26th to 31st

Well, I forgot to carry the pedometer on the first day, when I was shopping, so I'll give myself a few thousand for that day (because I'm sure I walked at least that much).  Then a couple of days later I came down with a cold, so I haven't been on the treadmill at all for several days.  I think I'm on the way to "normal" again.  Maybe I'll be back on the treadmill on Monday.  (Spring's here, though, and the garden is calling my name, so the treadmill may be a rarity.)

March 26th:
3000 steps
1.2 miles (approximately)

March 27th:
7790 steps
3.0 miles

March 28th:
4855 steps
1.9 miles

March 29th:
2137 steps
0.8 mile

March 30th:
2660 steps
1.1 miles

March 31st:
1809 steps
0.7 mile

TOTAL= 276.1 / 458 miles

Still camping in thickets.  (Not surprising, given my snail's pace.)  The rest of the Fellowship are giving me impatient looks, arms crossed and toes tapping. ;o)  If I don't get a move on soon, they may leave me for the Nazgul!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 20th to 25th

More of the same.  Not much treadmilling, but a fair bit of gardening.  I haven't even been looking at the pedometer's numbers, lately, though I do my best to remember to put it on every day.  (I forgot today, though, which is annoying, as I was walking around quite a bit while shopping, this morning... Oh well.  Today's numbers will show up in the next post, and I might give myself at least a few thousand steps on the honor system. (g))

March 20th:
3933 steps
1.6 miles

March 21st:
10060 steps
4.0 miles

March 22nd:
4693 steps
1.9 miles

March 23rd:
4814 steps
1.9 miles

March 24th:
2421 steps
0.9 mile

March 25th:
2938 steps
1.1 miles

TOTAL= 267.4 / 458 miles

Camping in thickets.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 14th to 19th

Most days, I haven't been walking on the treadmill (though I'm doing some gardening, instead), so my step counts are down.

March 14th:
2734 steps
1.1 miles

March 15th:
4774 steps
1.9 miles

March 16th:
4982 steps
1.9 miles

March 17th:
2721 steps
1.1 miles

March 18th:
8861 steps
3.5 miles

March 19th:
5811 steps
2.3 miles

TOTAL= 256 / 458 miles

We've crossed the Great East Road and entered thickets on the south side. The land slopes away to the south.

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th

Oops, where did those days go?! Catching up on four days in one entry...

March 10th:
10414 steps
4.1 miles

March 11th:
2149 4steps
0.8 miles

March 12th:
8155 steps
3.2 miles

March 13th:
5404 steps
2.1 miles walked
2.6 miles biked (recumbent stationary)

TOTAL= 244.2 / 458 miles

Climbed to the top of Weathertop and entered the watchtower ruins.  Saw Black Riders on road below.  Camped in dell at western foot of hill.  Attacked by Nazgul at night.  The injured Frodo is carried on pony.  Heading south from dell...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 8th and 9th

Getting back on track!  And look at that-- I'm over halfway to Rivendell!  I can almost taste the lembas!  ;o)  (True Tolkien-obsessed fans are probably disappointed by that silly joke.  Lembas is what elves eat when they journey, but I honestly can't recall if they also ate it when "at home"-- or if we ever learned much at all about what else they do eat...)

March 8th:
9934 steps
3.9 miles

March 9th:
11784 steps
4.7 miles

TOTAL= 231.4 / 458 miles

Reached foot of the Weather Hills and camped there.  Now following path south toward Weathertop...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7th

March 7th:
10361 steps
4.1 miles

TOTAL= 222.8 / 458 miles

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 6th

March 6th:
4270 steps
1.7 miles

TOTAL= 218.7 / 458 miles

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 4th and 5th

Not doing well on the step-counts, lately, but I have my reasons/excuses.  I slowly accumulated an exhausting sleep debt during Donald's trip to Sweden, then I had some dental work done a couple of days after his return, which I felt was a good enough excuse to skimp on exercise for a few days.  Meh, whatever.  It's my life, and I'll laze if I want to. ;o)  I'll probably get back on pace within the next week or so.

March 4th:
2281 steps
0.9 mile

March 5th:
7884 steps
3.1 miles

TOTAL= 217 / 458 miles

Friday, March 4, 2016

March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

March 1st:
10438 steps
4.1 miles

March 2nd:
8132 steps
3.2 miles

March 3rd:
5691 steps
2.2 miles

TOTAL= 213 / 458 miles

Camped by a stream, among stunted alder trees, under a waxing moon.  (Ooh, sounds like a dramatic campsite...)  Woke to a frosty, clear morning and can see crumbled ruins on the hills ahead... (Is that foreboding music I hear?)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 29th

Though I didn't remark on it, I reached 200 miles yesterday!

February 29th:
7380 steps
2.9 miles

TOTAL= 203.5 / 458 miles

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 28th

February 28th:
10365 steps
4.1 miles

TOTAL= 200.6 / 458 miles

I've reached the eastern edge of the Marshes and can see Weather Hills ahead. The land is rising and is getting drier, but very barren.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 27th

February 27th:
9309 steps
3.7 miles

TOTAL= 196.5  / 458 miles

Camped in the eastern part of the Marshes.  Saw flashes of light in the east during the night (Gandalf on Weathertop).

Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 25th and 26th

I've been taking it easy for the past couple of days...

February 25th:
4817 steps
1.9 miles

February 26th:
4456 steps
1.7 miles

TOTAL= 192.8 / 458 miles

Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 24th

February 24th:
9206 steps
3.6 miles

TOTAL= 189.2 / 458 miles

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 23rd

Treadmill, fetching the mail, putting away loose things in the yard (plastic chairs, etc.), and clearing a spot in the garage for the car.  (We were under a fairly high risk of tornadoes and other dangerous weather for the evening, so I wanted to prepare as much as possible.  We were lucky, though, and didn't have any really bad weather here.  There was a tornado in Pensacola, however!)

February 23rd:
11365 steps
4.5 miles

TOTAL= 185.6 / 458 miles

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 22nd

February 22nd:
11115 steps
4.4 miles

TOTAL= 181.1 / 458 miles

I'm camping in the western part of the marsh.  (Doesn't sound like a very pleasant spot to camp...)

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 20th and 21st

February 20th:
10174 steps
4.0 miles

February 21st:
2321 steps
0.9 mile

TOTAL=  176.7 / 458 miles

I've entered the western edge of the Midgewater Marshes (and peeking ahead, it looks like I'll be there for a while).

Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 19th

February 19th:
12923 steps
5.1 miles

TOTAL= 171.8 / 458 miles

Friday, February 19, 2016

February 18th

February 18th:
5082 steps
2.0 miles

TOTAL= 166.7 / 458 miles

Behold!  I have emerged from Chetwood!  (Phew.)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 17th

Oops, I forgot to wear/carry the pedometer for part of the day.  Fortunately, I wasn't doing much walking during that period, and I did have it when I was on the treadmill, so it shouldn't have made much difference.

February 17th:
9673 steps
3.8 miles

TOTAL= 164.7 / 458 miles

I am thisclose to getting the heck out of Chetwood!! ;o)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 16th

February 16th:
11051 steps
4.3 miles

TOTAL= 160.9 / 458 miles

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 14th and 15th

February 14th:
4623 steps
1.8 miles

February 15th:
8407 steps
3.3 miles

TOTAL= 156.6 / 458 miles

Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 13th

February 13th:
10560 steps
4.2 miles

TOTAL= 151.5 / 458 miles

Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 12th

Didn't feel like walking on the treadmill, so I took a day off from it.  We had a walk around the pond, but otherwise it was just incidental, going-about-my-day walking.

February 12th:
4665 steps
1.8 miles

TOTAL= 147.3

Still in Chetwood.  Quiet and peaceful, with the ground dropping slightly.

Friday, February 12, 2016

February 11th

February 11th:
10811 steps
4.3 miles

TOTAL= 145.5 / 458 miles

Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 10th

Treadmill, but fell short of doing enough later in the day to reach 10,000 steps.  Still need work to consistently reach that goal-- but life sometimes gets in the way.  If it were properly prioritized, it would be possible, most days.

February 10th:
8882 steps
3.5 miles

TOTAL= 141.2 / 458 miles

We've left the road and headed north into Chetwood, where we see no living things.  (I guess they mean no animals.  Otherwise, it must be a strange forest without living trees or other plants.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 9th

February 9th:
10821 steps
4.3 miles

TOTAL= 137.7 / 458 miles

A busy day.  ;o)
We've reached Bree, checked into The Prancing Pony, met Strider, had our ponies stolen, and left Bree by the East Road.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8th

February 8th:
11675 steps
4.6 miles

TOTAL= 133.4 / 458 miles

I'm so close to Bree I can probably smell it!  Meanwhile, Tom has left us, and Strider has glimpsed us-- but then rather sneakily hid from us.  (In which case, it's a little bit odd that I'm telling you this, now.  Maybe my imaginary LoTR character/persona has some type of clairvoyance. (g))

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 7th

Treadmill + some laps in the yard.

February 7th:
9657 steps
3.8 miles

TOTAL= 128.8 / 458 miles

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 6th

Today there was a walk around the pond, then lots of laps in the house.

(Our home's layout is such that it's possible to walk a decent-sized oval in the main/public parts of the house.  Each lap is approximately 40-50 steps for me, so it takes a number of laps to add up to anything substantial, but I guess it's a viable alternative to the treadmill and the outdoors.)

February 6th:
8114 steps
3.2 miles

TOTAL= 125 / 458 miles

I've reached the former boundary of Cardolan, part of the North Kingdom of Arnor.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 5th

No time on the treadmill means a pathetic step-count for the day.  I wasn't completely still all day, though.  I did paint part of the foyer and see to the burning of two separate piles of "garden refuse" (fallen limbs, small trees, weeds, large trimmings, etc.)-- but neither of those activities added up to much walking, unfortunately.

February 5th:
3628 steps
1.4 miles

TOTAL= 121.8

Friday, February 5, 2016

February 4th

Extra-long walk on the treadmill, today!  (Plus a walk around the pond with Donald and play-time with the dogs.)

February 4th:
13876 steps
5.5 miles

TOTAL= 120.4 / 458 miles

Tom Bombadil has rescued us from the dreaded Wights, and we're heading north (on ponies).

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 3rd

I didn't walk on the treadmill this morning, because I didn't have time, but I got some steps in while grocery shopping (which never seem to add up as much as I think they will!).  I tried to make up some of the lost steps by walking laps around our fenced yard in the late afternoon/twilight.

That lap seems like a longer distance than I would've expected.  It's a real possibility for walking at times when the trail seems less appealing (weather, trail conditions, snakes, etc.).  It's a change from the treadmill, and I can definitely see myself listening to music or an audiobook while walking laps.

February 3rd:
9107 steps
3.6 miles

TOTAL= 114.9 / 458 miles

I'm about to be captured by Wights!!  (...What are Wights?  I don't remember them at all.)  But not to fear, for Tom Bombadil is here!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 2nd

I'm always especially pleased to get over 10,000 steps in a day.  I should probably try to reach that milestone a certain number of days every week, but I'm not sure I can be bothered to actually track it that carefully.

February 2nd:
10838 steps
4.3 miles

TOTAL= 111.3 / 458 miles

I can't believe how long it's taking to get to Bree!  In the movie, this part of the journey always seems very quick (probably because they left most of this part of the book out, when they adapted it for the screen).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1st

I didn't even notice that I'd reached 100 miles, last entry!  Yeah!  That's just over 100 miles in one month-- mostly walked, with just a little stationary biking.  It sounds like a pretty good number for a month-- especially if you don't go dividing it by the number of days.  (g)

February 1st:
10487 steps
4.2 miles

TOTAL= 107 / 458 miles

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 31st

January 31st:
8306 steps
3.3 miles walked
2 miles biked (recumbent stationary)

TOTAL= 102.8 / 458 miles

I've left Tom Bombadil's house.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 30th

Another pathetic day.  We did walk around the pond with the dogs, and I'm not sure how accurately the pedometer tracks those steps-- particularly because we were walking faster than usual (so not my typical stride).  I need to get back on the treadmill!  (Or at least walk around the pond multiple times, at my usual pace that doesn't make me sore and resentful at the very thought of walking the next day, and the next, and the next...)

January 30th:
2914 steps
1.1 miles

TOTAL= 97.5 / 458 miles

Just a half-mile short of Tom Bombadil's house...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 29th

After a tiring day and sleep-short night, I took a day off the walking, with just a short stint on the stationary bike.  I also did a little yard work (mostly pruning perennials and carting off dead stalks/stems), but not of the type that racked up many steps.

January 29th:
2862 steps
1.1 miles walked
2.5 miles biked (recumbent stationary)

TOTAL= 96.4 / 458 miles

I've met Tom Bombadil and am headed toward his house.  (Nice of him to offer a place to stay!)

Friday, January 29, 2016

January 28th

I was more active than usual, yesterday.  I started with an hour on the treadmill, followed by a little extra time (10 to 15 minutes?) pedaling slowly on the stationary bike.  Later in the day, I did some yard work, which consisted of a fair bit of pushing the wheelbarrow around.  Finally, I spent some time with Donald giving the dogs their daily outdoor fetching session.

January 28th:
13547 steps
5.3 miles walked
2.3 miles biked (stationary recumbent bike)

TOTAL= 92.8 / 458 miles

Walking along the Withywindle.

I'm getting close to the 100-mile mark!  Tom Bombadil is looming, as well.  I don't remember much about Tom Bombadil, except that his was an especially odd part of the book... (I probably ought to give the trilogy a re-read, sometime, but I don't know if I'll ever muster the enthusiasm for it, when there are so many other things I haven't read, yet-- and special favorites I'd rather spend time revisiting...)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 26th and 27th

January 26th:
9252 steps
3.7  miles

January 27th:
11484 steps
4.5 miles

TOTAL= 85.2 / 458 miles

On the path in the Old Forest, with the path climbing gently.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25th

January 25th:
9575 steps
3.8 miles

TOTAL= 77 / 458 miles

I've gone through a hedge tunnel to reach the Old Forest, and the path has disappeared.

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 22nd to 24th

I've been slacking in the record-keeping!

I took a day off the treadmill on Saturday, but on Sunday was back on again.  However, "just" an hour on the treadmill isn't enough to get me much beyond 8000 steps a day-- not if I spend the rest of the day plopped in front of the computer or TV.  If I want to get closer to 10,000 steps a day, I'm going to have to either put in more time on the treadmill (or at a faster pace, which I don't enjoy at all) or make other walks a daily habit.

January 22nd:
9044 steps
3.5 miles

January 23rd:
3258 steps
1.2 miles

January 24th:
8202 steps
3.2 miles

TOTAL= 73.2 / 458 miles

I've left Crickhollow and am riding a pony slowly, apparently.  I don't remember much about this part of the book (and the movie glosses over this part of the tale).

Friday, January 22, 2016

January 21st

Started out on the treadmill, but was eager to stop after half an hour.  (The result of consecutive "lazy days", far too little sleep the night before, etc.)  Moved over to the recumbent bike to extend the "workout" slightly.  The bike was a nice change of pace.  I should use it more often to provide a little variety.

January 21st:
4821 steps
1.9 miles walked
2 miles biked (recumbent stationary bike)

TOTAL= 65.3 / 458 miles

I've made it past Farmer Maggot's to the Causeway to Buckleberry Ferry.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 20th

Another "off" day.  A few steps accumulated as I did a little yard work, but they didn't add up to much.  Time to get back on that treadmill!

January 20th:
4684 steps
1.8 miles

TOTAL= 61.4 / 458 miles

Well, at least I've finally reached Farmer Maggot's fields!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 19th

Took a day off pretty much everything, including walking.  (Shame, shame...)

January 19th:
3595 steps
1.4 miles

TOTAL= 59.6 / 458 miles

Still just hovering near the border of Farmer Maggot's fields... Maybe I'm put off by his name.  I mean, really.  Maggot?  He could at least adopt a faux-French pronunciation and drop the 't'! ;o)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 18th

The treadmill continues to be the key to my getting any "real" walking done (beyond incidental steps taken in the course of an average day).

Lately, I've been reading Passalong Plants while walking.  I don't often read works of non-fiction cover to cover, these days, and I do find my attention wandering a little more than when I read fiction, but it's going pretty well.  The book is interesting-- especially for a Southern gardener.

January 18th:
10185 steps
4.0 miles

TOTAL= 58.2 / 458 miles

I'm nearing the fields of Farmer Maggot!

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 16th and 17th

I took it pretty easy over the weekend.  A short shopping trip on Saturday, then painting a room on Sunday-- and a walk around the pond, somewhere in there-- but not much else.

January 16th:
6709 steps
2.6 miles

January 17th:
3361 steps
1.3 miles

TOTAL= 54.2 / 458 miles

Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 15th

January 15th:
8458 steps
3.4 miles

TOTAL= 50.3 / 458 miles

Woo hoo!  Fifty miles walked!

I've been noticing the beginning of a blister on the bottom right edge of my right heel-- caused by some rubbing in my shoe, I guess.  I've bought some slightly more walking-friendly socks that I hope will help, and I'm alternating with another pair of shoes, too.  (And of course I'm also employing the age-old band-aid padding trick.)

I'm surprised to be getting a blister, because it doesn't feel like I'm walking that much more than usual, but it would seem that I am... and that's a good thing!  Even if it's not a monumental achievement, a slight improvement is still an improvement (and may lead to bigger changes, eventually).

Friday, January 15, 2016

January 14th

January 14th:
11315 steps
4.5 miles

TOTAL= 46.9 /458 miles

We're headed toward Buckleberry Ferry. (And we're about to see a Black Rider at our just-vacated camping site!  Yikes!)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 13th

January 13th:
9169 steps
3.6 miles

TOTAL= 42.4 / 458 miles

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 12th

Treadmill-- plus we took the dogs walking around the pond.  It was nice, and Trixie in particular could use the extra exercise, but soon after we returned home, I found a tick (unattached) on Luna.  Ugh.  I hate hate hate ticks.  They make me dislike walking the dogs in the woods, because though they sometimes get ticks just out in the yard, they're even more likely to pick them up out on the trail.  

January 12th:
10238 steps
4.0 miles

TOTAL= 38.8 / 458 miles

According to the guide, I'm walking in twilight and singing.  That's a bit of a mixed bag, as I love twilight-- and enjoy singing, sometimes-- but remember finding the songs in the books... well, boring, to be honest.  Maybe I'd like them better if I re-read them as an adult, but I doubt it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 11th

Back on the ol' treadmill for an hour.

Just before sunset, I did a little walking in the process of cutting back a few frost-bitten plants and applying a slap-dash "winter mulch", in anticipation of another cold night.  Afterwards, Donald and I went for a quick walk around the pond, and for the first time since she was a puppy, we left Luna in the (fenced) yard while we walked.  (The last time we tried, she squeezed under a gate and caught up to us.)  Now that she's full-grown (and that particular gap is blocked by a post), we thought it might be okay.  Nope; just a few minutes into our walk, a joyous Luna came bounding along the path behind us!  (Fortunately, she came to us easily enough.)  We took her inside, then went out again for our little walk. (Phew.)

January 11th:
12416 steps
4.9 miles

TOTAL= 34.8 / 458 miles

After a frightening brush with a Black Rider, I'm keeping a stone's throw to the left of the road.

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 10th

This was a lazy Sunday; I took a day off the treadmill and didn't even walk the trail.  We spent a little time organizing the garage, but it didn't add up to many steps, because we were tidying the tool bench, mostly-- a few steps here and there, doing this or that in the garage and house, but never enough to activate the pedometer.

Possibly as a consequence of my extremely sedentary day, I didn't sleep that well the following night.  I think I'm much better off if I at least put in an hour walking on the treadmill and reading.

January 10th:
2483 steps
0.9 miles

TOTAL= 29.9 / 458 miles

Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 9th

January 9th:
7760 steps
3.0 miles

TOTAL= 29 / 458 miles

According to the "Bag End to Rivendell" description, I "can see across Woody End to the River".  (The terrifying encounter with the Black Rider is coming up next!)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 8th

January 8th:
8368 steps
3.3 miles

TOTAL= 26 / 458 miles

Friday, January 8, 2016

January 7th

January 7th:
9506 steps
3.7 miles

TOTAL= 22.7 / 458 miles

Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 6th

January 6th:
9273 steps
3.7 miles

TOTAL= 19 / 458 miles

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trees from My Walk

Walked around the pond a couple of times, but stopped to take photos on the first half of the first circuit, so didn't do much aerobic walking until after that.

January 5th:
5380 steps
2.1 miles

TOTAL:  15.3 / 458 miles

Photos from the walk:

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Walking Around the Pond

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4th

Read Airs Above the Ground on the treadmill for just over an hour.  Played with the dogs outside (fetching frisbees and the jingly ball).  Brisk twilight walk on the pond circuit with Donald.  Plus some incidental walking while hauling laundry to and fro.

January 4th:
11316 steps
4.5 miles

TOTAL= 13.2 / 458 miles

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 3rd

I skipped the treadmill and walked to/around the pond, instead.  My legs always seem to get sore when I take that walk by myself, though when I'm with someone else, it's not as likely to bother me.  I'm probably starting out too fast (for my current level of walking stamina/strength).

Before taking my walk, I changed the stride setting on the pedometer, and though I only adjusted my stride down by a couple of inches, I think it was too far in the other direction, because I'm pretty sure it under-reported the length of my walk.  I know for a certainty that I walk differently (pace, stride) when I walk outdoors compared to on the treadmill, but I'm not willing to fuss with switching it back and forth based on where I'm walking on a given day...  Anyway, I ended up switching it back to the original setting.  If it's slightly overestimating my mileage on treadmill days, so be it!

January 3rd:
3669 steps
1.4 miles

TOTAL= 8.7 / 458 miles

Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Two Days

I'm seeing some discrepancies between my pedometer's calculated mileage and that on the treadmill.  The first day, the difference was minor, but on the second day it was more noticeable.  I'll try to tweak the stride length setting on the pedometer, but it's probably impossible to get it perfectly accurate all the time, as my stride changes according to where/how/when I walk.

In any case, it doesn't matter, as this is all done in fun, anyway.  If the challenge gets me walking more, it's done its job, even if I'm not walking exactly as many miles as I think I am.

- - - - - - -

January 1st:
8911 steps
3.5 miles

January 2nd:
9618 steps
3.8 miles

TOTAL: 7.3 / 458 miles

According to the Éowyn Challenge site, I've entered Tookland and am just about to take one last look back at the lights of Hobbiton...