MapMyWalk ;o)

MapMyWalk ;o)
MapMyWalk ;o) (from Isengard to Minas Tirith)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 22nd to 29th

Life got in the way and distracted me, and I forgot that it was time to record my step-counts, so I've lost a day.  I think I was walking on the treadmill every day, during that period, so it was probably at least a 7000-step day, but rather than guesstimate, we'll count it as a lost day and I'll just make up those miles later on in the year.  I must've been walking in circles in some woods, or something.  ;o)

August 22nd:
???? steps
? miles

August 23rd:
8912 steps
3.5 miles

August 24th:
8564 steps
3.4 miles

August 25th:
8712 steps
3.4 miles

August 26th:
8860 steps
3.5 miles

August 27th:
8310 steps
3.3 miles

August 28th:
9245 steps
3.7 miles

August 29th:
4761 steps
1.9 miles

TOTAL= 167 / 462 miles