MapMyWalk ;o)

MapMyWalk ;o)
MapMyWalk ;o) (from Isengard to Minas Tirith)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 1st to 6th

March 1st:
11583 steps
4.3 miles

March 2nd:
6033 steps
2.2 miles

March 3rd:
8754 steps
3.3 miles

March 4th:
2993 steps
1.1 miles

March 5th:
6338 steps
2.4 miles

March 6th:
9098 steps
3.4 miles

Subtotal: 16.7 miles

GRAND TOTAL:  177.3 / 470 miles to Isengard

Wow, a lot has happened since last time!  

We reached Fangorn and found the pyre of orcs... Saw Saruman (who scared away the wimpy horses).  Found signs that the hobbits survived and were nearby.  Followed hobbit prints to Fangorn Forest.  Trail led to Treebeard's Hill, where we met Gandalf! (!!!)  Gandalf whistled for Shadowfax, who brought back the wimpy horses. Now going along the bank of the Entwash (which sounds kind of gross, to be honest).  But you guys!  Gandalf's back!